Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Modified Fence For The Stanley 55 Plane

Revamping the Stanley 55

A couple of posts back, the Stanley 55 plane's capabilities were expanded with angled fences.  As mentioned earlier, the rosewood portion of the right fence can be unscrewed and flipped over to assist with angled cuts so that both fences can be used for truer cuts.  The right fence can only be positioned to about 30-35° with the flip-over modification. But what if you need more angulation on the fence?

A fence can quickly be fashioned with the Stanley 55 plane itself using a fluting cutter and rabbet cutter. 

Pear wood

Here, the old fence is shown.
The only major difference with the new fence is that the more protruding top edge
will be  planed away as seen in the next photo.

Modified right fence now installed (left side of photo) allows for a steeper tilt of the plane
 to a full 45° to compliment the left fence's capabilities. 

If the standard right fence was used without the flip-over modification, 
the face of the fence would be pointing downwards and only the inside upper corner 
would make contact, rather than the face itself.

If the right rosewood fence was removed and flipped upside down relative to its own metal fence,
the fence could tilt to about 30-35°.

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