Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sources of informaton about the Stanley 55 Plane

From Stanley's 1898 Catalog

There is not all that much information available on how to use the Stanley 55 Plane. Here is the short list of sources that have been useful for me:

 The Complete Woodworker, Bernard E. Jones.  Chapter 18 contains more than 20 pages of information on the use of the "55".

Planecraft, Hand Planing By Modern Methods, C. W. Hampton & E. Clifford. Chapter 14 has 20 pages on the Stanley 45 plane.

The Stanley #55, Understanding an ingenious workhorse, Gregory Schipa in Fine Woodworking #38, pp. 89 February 1, 1983

Mechanical Marvels or Steampunk Sporks?  Roy Underhill. Popular Woodworking, December 2013.

The Woodwright's Shop with Roy Underhill aired an entire episode on combination planes on 9/7/2013. This episode is available online through PBS.

The Superior Works, Patrick's Blood and Gore, has all the information about the parts you need. Be forewarned - Patrick is not a fan of this plane.

A reprint of the Stanley 55 manual is available here:

If frustration sets in with the Stanley 55, I then recommend:
The Complete Book of Anchoring and Mooring, Earl R. Hinz, or
The Art of the Paperweight, Lawrence H. Selman