Sunday, December 31, 2017

Miter Clamp Assisted Marking of Pin Board

When making dovetailed joints, how do you align the tail to the pin board (or vice versa) for marking?

Traditional Method:

  • Cut out and clean up tail board
  • Place pin board in vice aligning the end of the board with a board placed on bench
  • Align tail board on (future) pin board
  • Mark

Miter Clamp Method:

Why not use a miter clamp?
  • Alignment is quicker
  • Alignment is a perfect 90°
  • It is easier to check for any gap at the base of the dovetails by holding the piece up to a light
  • If the marks are poorly made the first time, marking again is not a problem

If the marks are faint, it is much easier to align the two boards to remark. It is especially easy to reclamp and remark with a lipped draw

1 comment:

  1. Good idea! The transfer markings are such an important step in making drawers turn out flat, and this looks like it would be a big help for that.