Saturday, November 16, 2013

Ogee Bracket Feet Formed By Hand Tools

Making ogee bracket feet was fairly simple using hand tools only. No custom jigs are needed and you won't need to get your fingers close to a bandsaw blade. Here's how:

Template made of plywood cut with a fret saw

Select a board long enough for all six ogee feet (the two feet in the rear are flat secondary pieces that are dovetailed in, see below).  Draw profiles on both ends of the board. This could be done with a template. Hog out most of the waste with a plough plane, in this case, the ol' Stanley 55 universal plane.

Use hollow and round planes to match the profile on the edge.

By the way, here is my contraption to hold thin stock. In the foreground is a Veritas surface vise with a piece of plywood wedged in between the stock.

On the far end is a Lee Valley mortised bench stop. Unfortunately, my workbench is not amenable to adding a real tail vise.
On the back side, trace the outline of the foot and then saw.with a fret saw.

Miter the corners with a miter saw and/or a donkey's ear, which is the contraption above. This is essentially a shooting board to create long beveled mitered edges, such as when making a shadow box.
A view of the rear foot

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